"Always on time and at a competitive  price."
-Gerald, Malibu Glass and MIrror
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When Industrial Skylights was founded there were two guiding principles when it came to designing a skylight system. The first is obvious -- make sure it never leaks. This is achieved by never relying solely on sealants; our skylight systems always have a two step weepage system which allows water to exit the skylight. The second principle is to make the skylight serviceable. We have done numerous repairs and replacements of existing skylights. We always design our systems so that the glazing components can be easily replaced without disturbing surrounding waterproofing.

Industrial Skylights has emerged as one of Southern California’s leading names in the manufacture and installation of custom skylights. We combine our own innovations with the latest technology to produce the finest skylight systems available. We utilize a wide array of aluminum extrusions allowing for limitless possibilities of geometric shapes at any given pitch.

We offer traditional caps with neoprene washers or flat head countersunk screws, concealed rafter cap framing systems with no exposed fasteners, as well as structural silicone glazed systems, allowing for no obstruction as water leaves the glazing surface. All of our drafting and fabrication is done in house under one roof.

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